March 28, 2019

It is not hard to notice, no matter what country you live in, that there is a noticeable shift in government initiatives and the food industry as a whole to try and reduce the amount of sugar in our diets. In the UK last year, a new sugar tax was introduced tax on soft...

March 24, 2019

We all know that water is essential for life. Without it, we would only survive a few days! Not only that, but being hydrated is essential for health as it supports every cell and function in our body.

Water makes up 60% of the human body so it only makes sense tha...

March 2, 2019

Do you sometimes feel like food has total control over YOU instead of you having control over your food? And have you noticed that when you are feeling stressed or emotional, the food that calls out to you is always the bad stuff that you have been trying to hard to av...

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