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Joanne Willis


Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Mother, Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor and Post-Partum Depression Survivor

My Story


Hi there! My name is Joanne Willis and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), mother, and survivor of cancer, post-natal depression and severe adrenal exhaustion.....all before the age of 35! 

As a result of these harrowing experiences, I committed to learning how to naturally manage chronic stress in order to rebuild my physical, mental and emotional health and I continue to practice the strategies I now teach each and every day. 

At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, an aggressive but thankfully cureable form of lymphatic cancer. After a grueling 12 months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, I was determined to learn whatever I could to take back control of my health. I returned to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and founded Clean Living Nutrition & Wellness, a successful face-to-face nutrition consulting practice based in Ontario, Canada in 2007. 

Life was looking good again....amazing in fact! I married my high school sweetheart and then went on to successfully conceive, carry and naturally deliver my daughter in 2008 after being told I may not be able to have children due to the intensive chemotherapy treatment I had received. I credit this achievement in part to the work I put in to rebuild my body and health through the use of natural nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Unfortunately however, my health challenges did not end there. Shortly after giving birth, I was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression/Post-Natal Depression. Lack of time, excessive stress and total lack of motivation meant that no matter how much I knew about natural nutrition and healthy living, I was insanely overwhelmed and completely fell off the wagon!

In fact, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement! I fell into a downward spiral of emotional, stressful eating, weight gain, mood swings, exhaustion and a general state of feeling unwell. I craved carbs all day every day, began to feel aches and pains like never before and the thought of trying to put together a healthy, family meal every day was daunting! 

And just when I thought it couldn't get any tougher, it did! It was time to go back to work.....FULL-TIME! So now I had even less time, was even more exhausted so I ignored everything I knew and ate whatever was convenient just to get through the day. I continued to put on the weight and my health continued to deteriorate. I suffered from more colds and flu bugs that year than ever before! And my joints ached to the point that even the thought of exercise was painful! The end result? I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue which meant my adrenal glands had become so exhausted producing excess levels of cortisol, our main stress hormone, that they had practically stopped working altogether!!

I felt like a failure. I was a Nutritionist and I couldn't even practice what I preached! Life then dealt me one more blow before I finally hit rock bottom. My husband and I separated and I moved back to my home country of England for a fresh start. Fast forward a couple of years....after finally healing from my emotional wounds and putting the post-partum depression behind me, I now had the strength to put my plan into action to get my physical health and body back into shape. The key here is that I KNEW I NEEDED A PLAN! My education was simply not enough. I needed to rebuild my health and body again, step-by-step and I needed accountability and support in order to stay motivated. I was still working full-time and was now a single mother so without a plan I knew I was going to slip back into the dark state of overwhelm. Thankfully I had some supportive friends who were also in the health and wellness field who made sure I stuck to my plan. And I did! My health, my body and Clean Living Nutrition & Wellness was reborn and stronger than ever!

I believe that events that happen to us can teach us valuable lessons if we choose to learn from them. I learned that my life purpose is now even help women just like myself; busy, stressed out and overwhelmed women learn how to heal and re-balance their body and mind so their physical and mental health can thrive! 

My personal experiences coupled with over 12 years of continuously developing nutrition and wellness knowledge enables me to offer a unique, compassionate approach to supporting others to reach their goals NATURALLY. 

My research journey taught me many different avenues that must be considered in order to bring both the body and mind back into balance and ultimately achieve optimum health and your ideal weight. 

Juggling work, motherhood and family life whilst trying to better yourself is not easy but it IS achievable with the right plan and support in place. I would love to be that support for YOU!

I would like to invite you to schedule your FREE, no-obligation strategy session so I can learn more about your challenges and goals and help set you on the right path. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU

I look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Joanne x

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