Programmes & Services

Private Coaching Packages

Private coaching sessions can be held either in person or via video-conferencing using Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or via phone.
Initial consultation includes full health assessment and nutrition analysis.
Individual Session:                                          $125 
Package A: 3 x 60 Minute Sessions:              $299 (save $76!)
Package B: 6 x 60 Minute Sessions:              $599 (save $151!)
Package C: 12 x 60 Minute Sessions:            $999  (save $501!)
It is recommended that sessions be booked 2 weeks apart to ensure regular follow-up and monitoring while allowing plenty of time in between sessions to implement next steps.
Call 519-589-1053 to book yours today!

Customised Meal Plan Memberships

Each month choose from a variety of meal plans to suit your health goals, needs and tastes.

All meal plans come complete with recipes, grocery lists, photos and detailed nutritional information.

Click here to see a list of available meal plans

Membership A: Two Weekly Meal Plans/Month:          $19.99/month

Membership B: Four Weekly Meal Plans/Month:         $29.99/month

Consultations available via online video-calling anywhere in the world.

Online courses, meal plans and membership packages also available internationally.

Tel: 1-519-589-1053


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