Sugar: The Bitter-Sweet Truth!

Our body has the amazing ability to regulate its own levels of numerous components within our bloodstream. Our liver, the main control centre of these regulatory processes is responsible for ensuring optimum levels of protein, fats, hormones and sugar in our blood at any given time. So what goes wrong in people who develop Type II Diabetes (high blood sugar levels) or Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels) for example?

The standard diet we consume in the modern world has unfortunately become laden with processed sugar, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours and colourings and preservatives. All of these components are considered foreign to the human body and do not make for good building blocks for the liver to work with in order to do its job properly! All of these culprits we consume on a regular basis invade our bodies and mean the liver and its counterparts, the other organs and glands in the body responsible for maintaining balance become tired and begin to malfunction. This is the start of conditions such as Type II Diabetes and Hypoglycaemia as well as other illnesses such as cancer which are the result of a suppressed immune system and burdened organs.

Natural sources of sugar, such as those found in fruits do not have the same negative impact as processed sugars however even the intake of these natural sugars needs to be moderated in people who are experiencing blood-sugar metabolism disorders.

A good starting point on your road to getting your blood-sugar levels under control is to focus on a low-glycemic diet. Foods lower than 50 in the glycemic index should be your first choices.

When I was recovering from my own treatment for cancer, all I wanted was my energy back! I felt old! I was exhausted even upon waking. The first step to getting my energy back was to get my blood sugar levels balanced again! The glycemic index became my new best friend!

If you have a specific health challenge or are concerned about chronic symptoms and would like to know where to focus to heal your body naturally, I would urge you to book your FREE initial consultation so we can assess your symptoms and determine the best approach FOR YOU to help you resolve them. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION TODAY.

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