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Whether you are training for the Olympics or simply wanting to boost your physical energy levels in your every day life, nutrition is what makes the difference between the winners and the losers!

In order for our body to function at its optimum performance, it must be nourished on a regular basis with all essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other nutrients that can only be found in abundance in a clean, wholesome, balanced diet. We all know that an athlete's lifestyle burns more calories than a couch potato, however, the athletic body cannot be re-fueled with processed, nutrient-poor, unbalanced meals and be expected to perform like a super-human.

The calories that a physically active individual needs to sustain their demanding schedule must come from nutrient-rich foods that not only add to the required caloric load but also support the major organs and processes our body needs to function.

Particular attention must be paid to the amount of and type of protein obtained from the diet to support muscle regrowth and a number of natural body functions and processes. Complex carbohydrates must also be eaten at opportune times to boost performance and also to help recover from both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Essential fatty acids are also essential to ensure optimum cellular function at all levels. Remember, not all fats are bad and the good fats must NOT be ignored!

Water consumption must also not be understated! Athletes of course need more water than the average individual to ensure they do not become dehydrated but when and how much water you consume is essential to feel your best during a competition.

Sport supplements are a fast-growing market but often people are not educated enough to choose their supplement wisely and safely. Supplementation is not always required and in cases where it is, the type, amount, duration and other co-factors MUST be considered to ensure they are helping and not heeding an individual's performance or health overall.

If you have a specific health challenge or are concerned about chronic symptoms and would like to know where to focus to heal your body naturally, I would urge you to book your FREE initial consultation so we can assess your symptoms and determine the best approach FOR YOU to help you resolve them. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION TODAY.

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