Recipe: Smooth Tropical Smoothie

Being able to digest your foods COMPLETELY is KEY when it comes to our overall health. This is the first, most essential process that should run seamlessly otherwise it will have a domino effect on all the subsequent body processes causing uncomfortable symptoms along the way.

Did you know that most of our chronic health conditions are a result of an inefficient digestive process that probably started months if not years ago? It is imperative that we speed up our digestion and make sure we are able to completely digest all the food we eat if we are to prevent future chronic illness.

If you have not already read my blog post on the importance of digestive enzymes in this process, I recommend you take a look! CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL POST.

Below is one of my favourite smoothie recipes that includes TWO amazing fruits that contain very high levels of the enzymes bromelain and papain. These enzymes will GUARANTEE that you will digest this smoothie in no time!

Recipe (food containing bromelain & papain): Tropical (digestive) smoothie

Serves 1

1 cup pineapple, diced

1 cup papaya, diced

1 banana, chopped

1 cup coconut milk

ice if desired

Put all ingredients(except ice) into the blender and blend. Add ice if desired.

Serve & enjoy!

Tip: The levels of enzymes in whole pineapple and papaya aren’t as concentrated as taking them in a supplement; so if you’re not allergic to these delicious fruits, you can try this smoothie.


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