Is a Toxic Body the Cause of Your Hormonal Weight Gain?

I have always said my hormones have a lot to answer for!

In my 43 years I have already suffered from painful periods, ovarian cysts, abnormal cervical smear tests, post-natal depression, intense sugar cravings and blood-sugar fluctuations, adrenal fatigue and now I am preparing for the dreaded peri-menopause and menopause!

All of these challenges are all related to one thing....hormonal imbalance!

Of course I didn't know this at the time. It became clear to me much later when my Naturopathic Doctor helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Not long after giving birth to my daughter, who is now 11 years old, my body seemed to change overnight! It was almost like someone had flipped a switch.

I was already suffering from post-natal depression but now I also experienced bloating more often than not, my legs felt heavy and achy as a result of more water retention, my joints hurt most mornings for no apparent reason and I was totally exhausted. I had also started to gain excess belly fat that I'd never had before and my skin had lost it's natural glow.

After assessing my diet and my lifestyle habits at the time, my Naturopath explained that I was exhibiting symptoms of toxic overload! I was shocked to hear this! After all, I was a Nutritionist now, and I had made a valid effort to change my eating habits over the last few years since recovering from my cancer battle and going back to school to study nutrition.

She explained that I was showing signs of estrogen dominance and therefore she wanted to support me through a natural detoxification process to help reduce my estrogen levels.

Below is a list of the most common symptoms that are indicative of estrogen dominance (most of which I had!):

  1. Decreased sex drive

  2. Sleep difficulties and excessive fatigue

  3. Increased belly fat and weight around hips and thighs

  4. Increased PMS symptoms and/or irregular periods

  5. Anxiety and/or depression

  6. Mood swings and persistent sugar cravings

  7. Chronic headaches

  8. Bloating

  9. Hot flashes

  10. Autoimmune conditions

  11. Thyroid issues (hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism)

  12. Fibroids, PCOS, ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breasts

  13. High blood pressure

Now although I was embarrassed to admit it, I eventually did own up to the fact that to help me in my struggle with post-natal depression, I had begun to succumb to my sugar cravings and was eating more "processed, sugary foods" than I wanted to admit.

My Naturopath explained that the additives found in everyday foods plus the other long list of toxins that have entered the unnatural 21st century diet and lifestyle certainly hadn't helped my situation. In fact, the "comfort foods" I had been eating more often than I should, and the stress I had been under were keeping me trapped in a vicious cycle.

She continued to explain that as our liver attempts to filter out the toxins we eat and absorb through our skin, our brain and body slowly begins to shut down.

Sounds pretty dire right? But thankfully she had good news…

She assured me that, if done properly, following a detoxification process for 7-10 days would naturally re-balance and re-set my body and I would end up feeling like a brand-new person!

I put myself in her capable hands and within a matter of weeks following the detoxification protocol she set for me, I began to notice an improvement in almost all of my symptoms and I even lost several pounds without focusing on calories or portion sizes!

So what is detoxification?

The term "detoxification" means to eliminate toxins and unwanted substances from the body. When done correctly this process should happen NATURALLY. But it does require some actions on our part....

When our body is overloaded with toxins and other substances that are not natural and disturb our body's natural balance, the body begins to exhibit symptoms of this imbalance. If we are able to remove toxins from our body, they are unable to wreak havoc and natural balance and function is restored.

What is a toxin?

A toxin is basically a catch-all term to describe something foreign that causes harm rather than supports health. Toxins can be ingested through our diet, absorbed through out skin from skincare products or inhaled through the air we breathe in our environment.

Unfortunately, the modern, fast-paced world we live in is full of pollutants, convenience foods full of artificial ingredients and chemical-based products that wreak havoc with our hormones and put a HUGE strain on our liver, our main detoxification organ.

The term used to describe toxins in our diet and environment that mimic bad estrogen in our body is "xenoestrogens".

We need to try and limit our exposure to these xenoestrogens as much as possible to minimise our risk of estrogen dominance.

Click here to download your free copy of my Xenoestrogen Cheat Sheet.

Over the years, our body accumulates these toxins and our liver gets tired of having to filter through all of the garbage to try and find something healthy and useful that the body actually recognises!

And when our liver is tired, all hell breaks loose!

Our liver is our main regulatory organ. It is responsible for regulating our blood-sugar levels, our blood-cholesterol levels, our blood-protein levels and our blood-hormone levels. So it is not difficult to see why our body starts to fall out of balance when our liver is overloaded with toxins! Our liver can only do so much! We need to lighten the liver's load!

This is where detoxification comes in......

Now I have seen numerous different fad diets and commercial products claiming to be the next best detox product. Unfortunately a lot of them are unnecessary, uncomfortable and expensive!

Yes, there are some specific herbs that can help speed up the detoxification process and may help with the side effects of detoxification BUT.....they are not always necessary and should never be your first option; especially without addressing your daily nutrition choices first.


When we give our body the balanced nutrition that it needs, and eat in a way that is gentle, healing and supportive, our body will naturally restore balance. And when balance is restored, our annoying symptoms begin to subside.....BECAUSE THEY ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED!

The symptoms have done their job at telling us something is wrong and that balance needs to be restored. Symptoms will only stick around if the root cause is still a problem!

What symptoms are we talking about? The same list I highlighted at the beginning of this post!

If you would do ANYTHING to end the dreaded carb cravings, lose weight and discover boundless energy, would you consider following a natural detoxification programme?

Now perhaps you have already tried a detox program, or a fad diet, challenge, or other "quick fix plan" and have said NEVER AGAIN!

And, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the time, effort, or motivation to go through another 30, 60, or 90 days of grueling workouts and starvation dieting to see if something actually works this time.


Detoxification doesn't have to be time consuming, depriving or exhausting! In fact when done correctly, it should leave you feeling uplifted, energised and experiencing a life free from exhaustion and inflammation.

If you are exhibiting symptoms of toxic overload and want to kickstart the process to get your hormones and weight back under control, then the 10 Day Body Reset Detox Kit is for you!

The 10-Day Body Reset Detox Kit!

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You’ll start with a powerful cleanse designed to give your body a break from the barrage of toxins you normally consume.

After this 3-day detoxifying experience, you’ll feel better, look better, and experience more motivation and energy than you have in years. Then you’ll eat delicious, nutrient dense foods for the next 7-days to reset your metabolism and support your liver as you continue to detoxify.

It sounds next to impossible, I know, but this proven detox gives you noticeable results in just 3 days!

The complete Body Reset Detox takes just 10 days, but you don’t need to wait all 10 days to experience results that will last!

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Happy detoxing!

Joanne x

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