Carb Cravings! Why Willpower Isn't Enough to Overcome Them

So you're starting to think about starting a brand new healthy eating and weight loss plan now that lock-down is almost behind us right? You've become a victim of the lock-down diet and have decided NO MORE! You've got a brand new grocery list ready to go full of green, leafy vegetables and colourful fruits....and THIS time you are DETERMINED it's going to work and your weight loss is going to last....right?

Chances are, with a plan like this and all of that enthusiasm and excitement the first few days, perhaps even the first week of your plan will go like clockwork!

Your determination will be on overdrive and you will start to feel your energy return which will just motivate you even more.

You might even start to see a small drop on the scale as your body starts to let go of the water content. Then even MORE motivation will kick in and you will KNOW that this is the year you are going to FINALLY reach that goal!

But there is one big obstacle that you might not have considered....

You have a bad day and you feel your stress levels skyrocket! You tell yourself you deserve a treat. After all, you've been doing really well on your new regime and days like this call for a little cheat to hep you feel better.

So you swing by the nearest store and pick up a bag of your favourite Doritos, or perhaps a tub of ice-cream. There is a nagging voice in your head saying that you shouldn’t be doing this but after the day you’ve had, you don’t care! You will just get back to your healthy routine tomorrow....right? Well it might not be that simple....

You see, you are betting on odds that your willpower will get you back on track the next day. You just assume that when you wake up in the morning and the stress has begun to fade from the day before, your determination to succeed will be fully restored and you will NOT succumb to any sugary treats again!

Well this might work if the next few days don’t pose any new stressors BUT it is only a matter of time before life throws you another challenge that sends you reeling back into the negative thinking and reaching for that sugary donut sitting in the office lunch room.

Have you experienced this before?

If this sounds all too familiar, then you may be relieved to know that your lack of willpower is NOT to blame! Your willpower, no matter how strong, IS NOT THE REASON WHY YOU ARE STRUGGLING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!

Why is this good news?

Because it means it is not entirely your fault that you have fallen off the wagon and can’t seem to find that motivation to get back on track.

And that is because there is an even BIGGER player than willpower in the game! A player that you have never been told about who holds the secret to whether or not those sugar and carb cravings are going to trip you up!

IT’S YOUR PHYSIOLOGY! Specifically, an IMBALANCE in your physiology!

And that’s good news because once you fix the imbalance, you won’t crave the bad stuff anymore!

Understanding Your Physiology

So what imbalance are we talking about here? We are specifically talking about an imbalance in your blood-sugar levels.

When your blood-sugar levels are too high, your body secretes insulin from the pancreas to bring the blood sugar levels back down. The problem is the amount of insulin secreted and the rate at which it is secreted correlates with the amount and rate of which your blood-sugar levels rose in the first place.

What this means is when you eat something very high in sugar content and you eat it on it’s own, your blood-sugar levels skyrocket fast and furious. Think about the “sugar rush” you often feel after eating a bar of chocolate or a sugary donut. That surge of euphoria and sometimes even a cold sweat is your blood-sugar levels soaring too quickly and too high.

So when the pancreas secretes insulin to bring the blood-sugar levels back down it sends too much insulin into the bloodstream too quickly so the blood-sugar levels plummet back down to earth just as fast and furious as they went up!

And what happens when our blood-sugar levels crash? (Think about how you feel when you are hungry and haven’t eaten anything in a very long time.....exhausted, irritable, mental fogginess.)

You CRAVE the most sugary, starchy food you can think of because your body is trying to get back to that lovely state of euphoria that brings a surge of much-needed energy and a mood boost! This is a rollercoaster ride you DO NOT want to go on! Because the enjoyment lasts even less than a normal rollercoaster ride!

So you see all the best willpower in the world is no match for rockin’ and rollin’ blood-sugar levels. Your body is now in a vicious cycle of peaks and crashes which you will struggle to control.

THE MORE CARBS AND SUGARY TREATS YOU EAT, THE MORE YOUR BODY WILL CRAVE THEM! (But don't worry - below is a link to the PERFECT "healthy dessert" recipe that you will LOVE and will NOT work against you!)


The Key to Success

So now you now the key to success, how do you put this into practice?

You have to start with breakfast!

Then you have to make sure that every meal you eat during the day is perfectly balanced with the right ratio of all macro-nutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates).

Remember, everything you eat will have an impact on how you feel and will determine what you crave (or don’t crave) as the day progresses through lunch, snacks, and dinnertime.

Perhaps now you can see why so many conventional diets don’t work where there is a focus on removing all fat, or all carbohydrates.

Our body needs to consume balanced portions of all macro-nutrients to function optimally and they ALL have an important role to play....INCLUDING FAT!

  • Protein is essential for our muscle growth and muscle function (including our heart!)

  • Carbohydrates are essential as a fast energy source to help the body react quickly when necessary and are our brain’s number one source of fuel.

  • Fat is essential for strong cellular health and is an important factor in blood-sugar regulation and metabolism.

When we remove one of these macro-nutrients from our diet altogether our body will malfunction in a number of different ways. And when we realise this and start to put the missing macro-nutrient back into the diet, we naturally put on weight making sustainable, long-term weight loss on these types of diets rarely achievable.

So now that hopefully you understand WHAT you need to do and WHY you need to do it, come and join my FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE TO END CARB CRAVINGS and learn the all important "HOW"!

Now is the perfect time to learn how to rein in those cravings that have become all too comfortable during lock-down.

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In this challenge you will learn:

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• Day 3: How to cook once and eat at least twice, plus get my dinner recipes that stabilise blood sugar and keep you from binge eating while watching Netflix!

• Day 4: What to choose for balanced snacks, including one of all-time favourite recipes

• Day 5: Why managing stress is so integral to your success and two of the simplest techniques to do so.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE TO TRY ONE OF MY FREE HEALTHY DESSERT RECIPES and discover how tasty, balanced, healthy nutrition can taste WITHOUT THE WORRY OF GAINING WEIGHT!

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